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Comments Due to factory backlogs and the unprecedented demand that we have seen this year, inventory is very limited. With orders taking 3-6 months to receive, we strongly advise to plan ahead if you are looking for a specific trailer as it may not be immediately available. The amount of available trailers coming in has been minimal, but we are trying our hardest to keep a large amount of trailers on order to continue to be able to serve and supply. Along with the extreme demand, material shortages have caused supply to be nearly non-existent. Material suppliers are only honoring quotes for days if not hours, which has resulted in frequent price increases from our factories. We like to advertise all of our pricing online, but with increases coming both frequently and unexpected, advertised pricing may not be accurate and will need to be confirmed with us first. As we have no control over these variables, we cannot guarantee any delivery dates at this time. We understand how tough this is to work through and we appreciate the continued support. Thank you and we hope that the challenges in front of us are understood.
$2,021 CDN
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